Hustlers, Harlots, Heroines: The Elite Courtesans Who Ruled Classical Athens: The Show Notes

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Our sources for this episode include:

Prostitutes and Courtesans in the Ancient World, Essays elited by Christopher A. Faraone & Laura K. McClure

Athenaeaus: The Deipnosophists (C. D. Yonge translation)

Demosthenes: Against Neaera (Norman D. DeWitt & Norman J. DeWitt translation)

Herodotus: The Histories (A.D. Godley translation)

Philodemus: Epigrams (W.R. Patton translation)

Strabo’s Geography (H.L. Jones translation)

The Poetry of Sappho (Jim Powell translation)

Diogenes Laertus: Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers (C.D. Yonge translation)

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