Ghosts of Wrangel Island: The Show Notes

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The Economist: Mammoth society seems to have been like that of modern elephants

CNET: Woolly mammoth extinction blamed on climate change, not human hunting. Monisha Ravisetti

ScienceDirect: The earliest direct evidence of mammoth hunting in Central Europe – The Kraków Spadzista site (Poland)

Science News: Clovis hunters’ reputation as mammoth killers takes a hit. Bruce Bower

Science: The last, lonely woolly mammoths faced a ‘genomic meltdown’. Michael Price

NPR: Humans May Not Have Hunted Woolly Mammoths To Extinction Those Thousands Of Years Ago. Jeff St. Clair

Mammoth Genome Project: Mammoths and Human Society

LiveScience. Last Terrifying Moments of Baby Mammoths Revealed. Tia Ghose

Grotte de Rouffignac, Cave of a Hundred Mammoths

New Atlas. New evidence shows how humans hunted mammoths 15,000 years ago. James Halloway

LiveScience. 25,000 Years Later, Javelin Is Still Embedded in Mammoth’s Rib. Laura Geggel

Daily Mail. Did humans hunt mammoths in the Arctic 45,000 years ago? Spear marks on frozen carcass suggests our ancestors were in Siberia 10,000 years earlier than believed. Ryan O’Hare

Daily Mail. 13,800 year old spear that killed a mastodon proves humans were in North America one millennium earlier than thought. Martin Robinson

Science. A Mysterious 25,000-Year-Old Structure Built of the Bones of 60 Mammoths. Brian Handwerk

GBE: Functional Architecture of Deleterious Genetic Variants in the Genome of a Wrangel Island Mammoth.

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