Julius Caesar and the Pirates’ Ransom: The Show Notes

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First off, here’s the Baby Shark song. BOOM, now it’s in your head. You’re welcome.

Also, here’s Mountain to Move:

So here are some of the key players in this story. Marius:

Bust of Gaius Marius

Marius is Shocked! Shocked I say!

And Sulla:

Mr. Oogie Boogie from Nightmare Before Christmas with worms in his mouth

Just kidding. THIS is Sulla (although our working theory is that he was actually just a burlap sack full of worms the whole time):

Our big modern sources on this were:

Adrian Goldsworthy’s Caesar: Life of a Colossus

Jack Johnson’s Ambition without Boundaries: How Julius Caesar’s Thirst for Conquest Shaped the Ancient World, and Impacted the Modern One

Richard Bauman’s Women and Politics in Ancient Rome

Our ancient sources include:

Plutarch’s Parallel Lives (Bernadotte Perrin translation):

Life of Sulla
Life of Marius
Life of Caesar

Suetonius’ Twelve Caesars: Life of Caesar (J.C. Rolfe translation)

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