End of Season 2 Announcement

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It’s the end of Season 2–and we’re taking a much-needed break. We plan to use this time to produce three to five episodes over a four-week period (to get ready for some travel Genn’s doing in February), get up to speed on our Patreon and newsletter, and catch up on research and writing for the next season. So…yeah. I guess this is our idea of a break. 

Anyway! We’ll be back on February 28. Season 3 will be all about what the ancient Romans got up to in Gaul and Great Britain, and we’re incredibly psyched about the episodes we’ve got planned. 

Julius Caesar and the Gauls

Jenny’s working on a big arc on the life of Julius Caesar–with a particular focus on the Gallic Wars, and extra one-off episodes about Gallic archaeology and myth. 

More Badass Women

Genn’s taking a look at the life of Boudicca–the fierce British warrior queen who dared to challenge Rome–as well as Fulvia, the wife of Marc Antony and a noted military leader in her own right.

Spartacus and the Servile Wars

Genn’s also delving into Spartacus and the slave revolt of the Third Servile Wars. She’s focusing in on what life was like for gladiators at that time in Roman history–both in the arena and in Spartacus’ army.

The Druids’ Last Stand

And finally, Jenny’s telling the story of the end of Rome’s British invasion–and the courageous resistance put up by an army of Druids in Anglesey, an island in the northwestern corner of Wales.

So that’s what we’ve got coming up. Now’s a great time to catch up on our back catalog, if you haven’t already. Plus, over the break we’ll be recommending other podcasts we love on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

In the meantime, check out our Patreon! We’ll be scheduling our first movie night over the break, and giving our Patrons a chance to vote on future episode topics. Definitely worth a look!


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