End of Season 5 Announcement

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It’s the end of Season 5, and we’re thrilled with how this season turned out–examining Spartacus from every little-known angle. We explored Thracian beliefs and cultures as well as the mythology and cult of Dionysus, examining how those things may have informed his movements and decisions–and giving you deeper historical context with episodes on the First and Second Servile Wars.

We’ll be back October 29–and here’s what we have in store.

On to Season 6!

We’re finally making good on a promise we made waaaaaay back at the end of Season 2–and bringing you to Roman Britain, with episodes on the Roman conquest of Britain, the Druids’ Last Stand at Anglesey–and, finally, Boudicca. We couldn’t be more excited.

And of course we’ll have some fun surprises, seasonal episodes, and guests on that we’re really looking forward to.

Ad-Free Episodes on Patreon

And finally, we’re going to be making some changes on our Patreon–listen in for the details. One of the big announcements is that we’ll be uploading all of our back catalog onto our Patreon feed ad-free, so members can listen without the ads. Membership starts at just $2 per month.

Uploading our back catalog to Patreon is a big project which we have to do by hand, and we want to do it in a way that’s organized–and make sure our members can access all the content, including both Patreon-exclusive episodes and ad-free full episodes, easily without any confusion.

The strategy we’re using is to upload our episodes by season, one season a month, and once that’s done we’ll just go on uploading ad-free episodes as they come out. Hopefully that will keep our Patreon easy to access and use.

See you October 29!

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