End of Season III Announcement

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It’s the end of Season III, and wow, do we ever need a break. Julius Caesar is exhausting.

We’ll be back October 3! And if you remember our End of Season II announcement, you may remember that we had big plans to do lots of other things during Season III–and basically none of those happened. Because Julius Caesar happened instead.

But now, coming up on Season III, we’ve changed some of our goals–but some remain the same. (And these announcements are always subject to change, because we basically have no idea what we’re doing).

So, as of the best of our knowledge at this time, here’s what Jenny has coming up:

Cleopatra and Marc Antony

Much like Marc Antony, Jenny just can’t quit Cleopatra. An incurable romantic, she’s taking a close look at the most swoon-worthy romance of the ancient world–a heartbreaking story that puts Romeo and Juliet to shame.


Also, did you know that while he was fooling around with Cleopatra, Marc Antony was married to someone else–a woman who was BLISTERINGLY badass? Fulvia was a gang leader, operating in the mean streets of ancient Rome. She led proscriptions against her enemies, auctioned off whole client kingdoms in Marc Antony’s living room, and eventually controlled the entire city of Rome. She also raised her own army in defiance of Octavian, earning the title of “Dux Femina.” Jenny’s been dying to tell this story.

And here’s what Genn’s got on her to-do list:


Genn’s still going hard at the story of Spartacus–and we promise you, it will be worth the wait. But Spartacus turned out to be a deeper rabbit hole than either of us realized (much like Julius Caesar). Join us this season for a deep dive into the Third Servile War–with additional episodes on Thracian myth and culture, how to train your gladiator, and Dionysus–god of wine and revolutionaries.

We’ve also got seasonal episodes coming up–and a few special surprises in store. We can’t wait to make Season IV the best season yet!

AND. In case you haven’t heard the news yet, we now have exclusive episodes up on our Patreon–starting at $2 a month for Patreon subscribers. So if you’re not sure how you’re going to get through the next four weeks or so without us (heh), check out our Patreon!

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