AHFG: Coronavirus Edition

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So, our past few episodes were recorded before the coronavirus hit us where we lived. We wanted to talk to our audience about what we’re up to, how we’re coping, and what our plans are for the podcast in this uncertain time.

Basically, we’re planning to stick to the schedule–for as long as we can, as long as both of us are healthy and able to keep going. We already have several episodes recorded and scheduled up until the end of April, and we’ll be releasing those on a normal schedule–plus developing the Spartacus arc as we planned to. We’re stuck inside all day, so we might as well use this time productively.

Plus, we know we have audience members in China, Italy, and all over the world–including in places where the coronavirus outbreak is much more severe than it is where we live (at the moment). We want to be with you in this difficult time, keep you company, and give you a place to escape to. We take that seriously, and we’ll hold the line as long as we can.

In the meantime, let’s all stay safe, stay inside (if you can), and stay alive.

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