Ancient History Fangirl Adopts a Donkey

Genn and I visited Corfu this spring. It’s the northernmost and largest of the Ionian Greek islands, facing northwestern Greece and Albania to the east. It’s a gorgeous island with incredible food, friendly people, and views that would make you weep; plus endless beaches full of lounge chairs where they bring you drinks.

We took a break from reading, drinking, and soaking up sun at the beach to visit the Corfu Donkey Rescue. At this magical place, they take in donkeys—mostly former working donkeys from the island’s farms—as well as puppies, kittens, and other animals in need.

There are dozens of donkeys at the Rescue, and when you visit, you can groom the donkeys and get to know them. Genn and I had an amazing time with the animals, and we were so in love with the experience that we adopted a donkey.

This is Callia. She is a very feisty donkey who was brought in by a donkey handler. She also shares a name with the main character in one of Genn’s books—so adopting her was a no-brainer.

The money goes to the care and feeding of the donkeys, and we’re super excited to have an honorary Ancient History Fangirl donkey. Here’s the website for Corfu Donkey Rescue—if you’re planning a visit to this beautiful island, you should definitely look them up!

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