Attila the Hun and the Rebel Princess: The Show Notes

This is yet another of those episodes where Genn and I are amazed that this stuff actually happened. That applies to most of our episodes, though–we’re basically amazed that the entire ancient past actually happened.

Anyway. John Man hit it out of the park for us once before as a source for How to Survive a Siege, Part II–the section on Merv and Genghis Khan. And here he is again, making a significant contribution with this phenomenal biography of Attila the Hun:

Once again, we relied on some key sources from our last two episodes on Alaric and Ataulf / Galla Placidia, this time to tell us about Honoria’s life and times:

These books gave us an interesting perspective on early Christian history and the stories of saints that date from around Attila’s invasion of Gaul:

And we ask ourselves, where would we be without Edward Gibbon?

And if you want to know more about the Theodosian Walls, check out this classic episode from the History of Rome podcast:

Theodosius’ Walls

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