Ataulf x Galla Placidia: The Show Notes

**SWOON** we just cannot get enough of ancient-history romance.

Also, here is Alaric, rising out of the water to wreak havoc on the countryside after Wallia sells his people back to conscription for grain:


Yeah, we’re also terrified.

Moving on. We found these modern sources useful for info on the life of Galla Placidia, her relationship with Ataulf, relevant details about her mausoleum and the place where she was really buried, and other salient facts:

Guy Halsall’s Barbarian Migrations and the Roman West, 376-568 was also really helpful, especially in helping us understand what came after Ataulf:

Peter Heather, as always, had our backs:

Edward Gibbon gave us those delightful details about the couple’s wedding and Galla Placidia’s dowry, plus other info about both Ataulf and Galla Placidia and who they were:

Orosius’ Seven Books of History Against the Pagans has a lot to say about the life and deeds of Ataulf:

Tacitus’ Germania was helpful in telling us about the Goths in love and war:

We drew on Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations (Maxwell Staniforth’s translation) for the worst sex scene ever written:

Plato’s Symposium also came in handy:

And finally, here are some articles that helped us fill in the gaps:

Orosius & Ataulf: Antonio Marchetta in The Classical Review

“Disney on Steroids: Why Galla Placidia is One Roman Empress who Needs an HBO Series.” Ploy Radford, The New Statesman


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