Saturnalia: So Much More than Roman Christmas

Wish you had a holiday all about feasting, drinking, the upending of the social order, blood sacrifices, the harvest, pranks, novelty gifts, honouring a god who devoured his kids, and the returning sun? Don’t we all???

Welcome to Saturnalia. Get the show notes here.

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  1. saturnalia reminded me so much of brazilian carnaval! it lasts a week, people celebrate it by throwing the usual societal norms out the window and just partying everywhere, there’s a lot of alcohol involved, someone is named king (rei momo, though that’s a dying tradition), straight guys dress up as women, introverts hate it because they just want some peace and quiet to use those days off for catching up on work or tv shows but there’s two different parties happening right by their apartment building and like ok, you do you, party as much as you want, but you’re literally taking over my entire street and i can’t even get an uber without having to walk two blocks while carrying a backpack the size of a person AND a small dog, because i’m having to leave MY OWN HOUSE and stay at my friend’s if i wanna be able to even hear my own thoughts oh my god. anyway, praise saturn. (also: “oi” means “hi” in portuguese)

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