Thracians: Heart of Ares – The Show Notes

Here are the sources that helped us bring the Thracians to life.

The Warriors of Thrace (Discover Bulgaria Website)

Roman Expansion in Thrace (Balkancelts WordPress)

The Strongest Nation on Earth: Who Were the Thracians (History Hit)  

Postcolonial Amazons: Female Masculinty and Courage Ancient Greece and Sanskirt Literature – Walter Duvall Penrose

Polyaenus: Stratagems

 Thracan Women (Exetel)

History of Ancient Thrace (

Ancient Thrace History and Mythology ( 

Kazanlak and the Valley of Roses (

Greece & Thrace (

The Thracian Community (

Pleistoros (

Geto-Dacian Religion (

Thrace (

Bendis (

Thrace (

Peltast ( 

Power, Perils and the Rites of Passage – History of the Female Tattoo (

Amazons Who Were the Mythical Female Warriors (

Thracian (

Ancient Thrace ( 

Enigma: Thracians and the Orpheus Myth (

Herdotus: The Histories 







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