Last Refuge of the Minoans: the Show Notes

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This episode wouldn’t be possible without the following sources:
Secrets of the Aegean Apocalyse (documentary film) 
A Tale of Two Cities in Dark Age Crete: Karphi and Kavousi (lecture by Leslie Preston Day) 
The Conversation Article:Dionsaur Bones Become Griffins, Volcanic Eruputions were Gods Figthing, Geomythology looks to the ancient stories for hints of scientific truth 
Karphi Revisited Excavation Project 
Land of – Karfi – The Dark Age Dorians and Etocretans – Karfi Crete
Wikipedia- Dorian Invasion – Troy 
History Museum
NIH Articles on Bronze Age Disease
Wikipedia – Late Bronze Age Collapse – Karphi 

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  1. I’m so glad you’re covering the Minoans!!

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