Child Emperors, Part 2: The Show Notes


First off, here’s a little Monty Python goodness. One imagines that the siege of Aquileia went down more or less like this (although historians are mixed as to whether Thrax employed the Trojan Rabbit gambit):

And here’s Honorius hanging out in the swamp at Ravenna. Clearly he’d rather just sing (by which we mean, stroke his cockerels):

OK, now I guess we’ll get serious.

Once again, this episode leaned very heavy on the original sources. Especially Herodian, who gave us some great details for the reign of Severus Alexander and Gordian III. We especially have him to thank for his very colorful description of the Siege of Aquileia. We used the Echols translation:

Edward Gibbon played a role in this one too:

And, of course, our guilty pleasure–The Historia Augusta, translated by David Magie:

For Honorius’ reign, we also relied on H.B. Dewing’s translation of Procopius’ History of the Wars:

And as always, we have a massive amount of love for the History of Rome podcast. Here are their episodes that deal with the period in history we just covered:

The Year of the Six Emperors

Barbarian at the Gate

The Last Princeps

Gordian’s Knot

Oh, and that one emperor’s name? (You know the one). It’s spelled Pupienus. How would you pronounce it?


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