Praetorian Guard, Part 1: The Show Notes

Thanks for listening! We hope you enjoyed that story as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

We relied pretty heavily on Ross Cowan’s Roman Guardsman: 62 BC-AD 324. He goes into detail on a number of different elite units in the Roman military, including the Praetorian Guard:

There’s also a really great distillation of his Praetorian Guard section in this PDF.

In addition, we used Guy de la Bédoyère’s Praetorian: The Rise and Fall of Rome’s Imperial Bodyguard:

Stephen Dando-Collins’ Legions of Rome: A Definitive History of Every Imperial Legion is also a great and very exhaustive source:

We have Suetonius to thank for his dirt on the reign of Tiberius:

Edward Gibbon also gets a shout-out:

As always, we feel the need to compulsively link to the History of Rome podcast version of Sejanus’ rise and downfall:

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And finally, if you want to get to know the Emperor Commodus a little better (and who wouldn’t; he was such a charming guy), might we suggest checking out Reign of Blood on Netflix.


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