Fulvia: Original Gangster of Ancient Rome: The Show Notes

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First off, check out Queens Podcast for more badass women in history! Many thanks to the eminently talented Katy and Nathan for doing some epic voiceovers for us.

We owe a lot to our modern sources:

Adrian Goldsworthy’s Caesar: Life of a Colossus

Patricia Southern’s Julius Caesar: A Life

Richard A. Bauman’s Women and Politics in Ancient Rome

Richard A. Billows’ Julius Caesar: Colossus of Rome

Anthony Everitt’s Cicero: The Life and Times of Rome’s Greatest Politician

Some relevant articles:

Charles L. Babcock: “The Early Career of Fulvia,” The American Journal of Philology

Kathryn E. Welch: “Antony, Fulvia, and the Ghost of Clodius in 47 BC.” Greece & Rome

Robin Levin: “Notable Woman of the Roman Repbulic: Fulvia Flacca Bambula.” The Death of Carthage

Karen Murdarasi: Fulvia: “The Woman Who Would Be King.” History Today

Encyclopedia.com: Fulvia

Here’s an article on those extremely dirty sling bullets.

Our ancient sources include:

Cicero’s Pro Milone and Philippics (C.D. Yonge translation)

Asconius, on Cicero’s Pro Milone (John Paul Adams translation)

Appian’s Civil Wars (Horace White translation)

Plutarch’s Parallel Lives (Bernadotte Perrin translation):

Life of Caesar
Life of Cicero
Life of Antony

Cassius Dio’s Roman History (Earnest Cary translation)

Sallust’s War With Catiline (Loeb Classical Library edition)

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