Cult of the Severed Head: The Show Notes

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Embalmed heads of the Celtic Iron Age in the south of France. Journal of Archaeological Science
Strabo’s Geography (translated by Horace Leonard Jones)
Diodorus Siculus’ Library of History (C.H. Oldfather translation)
Head: The Celtic Head Cult:
Brittanica: Bran: Celtic God
Journal of Celtic Studies in Eastern Europe and Asia-Minor: THE CULT OF THE HUMAN HEAD IN CELTIC EUROPE. Mac Congail
Polybius’ Histories (H.J. Edwards translation)
Toby Heron: Headhunting in Iron Age Europe: An Evolutionary adaptation to a contingent environment These 2,000-Year-Old Embalmed Heads Show How Ancient Celts Celebrated Victory. Charles Q. Choi
The Cult of Skulls: From Severance to Sculpture
The Guardian: The Gauls really did embalm the severed heads of enemies, research shows. Nicola Davis
Bran, the Celtic God of Prophecy, and the Cult of the Head in Welsh Mythology.
Emerald Isle: The Speech of Severed Heads and Gaelic Necromancy

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