Could You Survive Pompeii? The Show Notes

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Pompeii: The Last Day (BBC Documentary)

Real History – Vesuvius Reconstructed (Documentary) 

Asolute History: What is was actually  like to die from Vesuvius’ eruption?

Live Science – Where the Pompeii Refugees Fled

Arstechnica – Last Days of Pompeii – Survivors Likely Fled North to Escape a Fire Fate 

NBC News – Pompeii Family’s Final Hours Reconstructed 

Open Culture – How the Survivors or Pompeii Escaped 

Wired – How to Escape from an Erupting Volcano 

New England Journal of Medicine – Heat-Induced Brain Vitrification from Vesuvius Eruption in C.E. 79

Ranker – How You Could Have Survived Pompeii – The Two Letters of Pliny the Younger – When Did Vesuvius Erupt

NY Times – When Exactly did Mount Vesuvius Erupt – Wall of Death Entombed Pompeii 

The Guardian – Vesuvius Wiped out all life in Pompeii in 15 minutes

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