Gender Rebels of Ancient Greece and Rome: Intersex People (the Show Notes)

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Our ancient sources include:

The Historia Augusta (David Magie translation)
Diodorus Siculus: The Library of History (C.H. Oldfather translation)
Julius Obsequens: On Prodigies (ToposText)

Our modern sources include:

Tamsyn Barton: Power and Knowledge: Astrology, Physiognomics, and Medicine under the Roman Empire (The Body, In Theory: Histories of Cultural Materialism)
Tales of Times Forgotten: Transgender and Intersex People in the Ancient World
Callo: The first known case of ambiguous genitalia to be surgically repaired in the history of Medicine, described by Diodorus Siculus
LGBT Meets SPQR: The Terrible Fate of Intersex Children
Danielle Hone and Siobhán McElduff: Intersex Individuals and Transitioning in Ancient Rome
Christoff Rolker: Iphis and Ianthe: changing sex and gender – but not the name

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