Catholic Werewolves: The Show Notes

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This episode wouldn’t be possible without the following sources:

Warwick University – The Medieval Werewolf – St Patrick’s Ossory of Werewolves – History of the Werewolf Legend – Werewolves: Lore, Legend & Lycanthropy

Pitt.Edu – Werewolf – Fantastically Wrong: The Strange Real-Life Origins of the Fiendish Werewolf – 5 Things You Might Not Know About Medieval Werewolves – The Many Ways to Become a Werewolf – Beast of the Gevaudan – A German Werewolf’s Confessions Horrified 1500s Europe – Garnier Gilles


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  1. Amber Slagle // October 28, 2023 at 12:17 am // Reply

    Genn, your cousins scratching at your window is my biggest fear, even now. I would have freaked out if I saw a face or mask at my window.

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