The Ancient-World Stark Family, Part 1: Germanicus the Manicus

Close your eyes and imagine a loving family. Devoted parents and six children, three happy brothers and three happy sisters. The father, Germanicus, is a war hero—beloved by the people, and next in line for the throne. Life is good. Life is perfect.

But nothing good can ever stay. It begins with a cough—a funny turn—and suddenly the family of Germanicus is torn apart, caught in the political riptides of Imperial Rome. This dynasty would give rise to two of Rome’s most infamous emperors and some of its most legendary women—before it ends in tragedy. Get the show notes here.

2 Comments on The Ancient-World Stark Family, Part 1: Germanicus the Manicus

  1. Another great podcast, ladies. The reference materials alone are prodigious. Keep up the good work of educating the masses on the antics of the ancient world. Sometimes I think we’re living in the same environment where people who are disliked by the powers that be get offed and dismembered by the thugs who do the powerful’s bidding.

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