Sea of Trees: The Japanese Suicide Forest (The Show Notes)

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This episode wouldn’t have been possible without the following sources:

New York Times – Suicide Forest Article 
Mental Floss – 15 Eerie Things About Japan’s Suicide Forest
Atlas Obscura – Aokigahara Forest
Bustle – These Real Stories from the Japanese Suicide Forest Will Make you Afraid of the Woods 
Vice Documentary on the Japanese Suicide Forest 
National Geographic – Japanese Suicide Forest – Japans Ghosts: The Yurei 
Pilgrim – Mount Fuji Pilgrimage – Japan’s Forest of Ghosts: Aokigahara – Real Aokigahara – Beyond Entertainment on the Internet – Mount Fuji’s History of Eruptions – Stranger Things about the Suicide Forest of Japan – Yurei
The Forest of Japan’s Sea of Trees 
Tower of Waves 
Wikipedia – Aokigahara 
Wikipedia – Jogan
Wikipedia – Yurei – Aokigahara – Onryo 


If you feel you affected by this episode here are resources that can help.

Samaritans UK 

Mind UK (Mental Health Charity and Helpline)

Suicide and Crisis Hotline (US) 


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