The Sacred Band of Thebes (Part 1): The Show Notes

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Our ancient sources include:

Plutarch’s Life of Lycurgis (Bernadotte Perrin translation)
Plutarch’s Life of Pelopidas (Bernadotte Perrin Translation)
Polyaenus’ Stratagems (R. Shepherd Translation)
Xenophon’s Helenica (H.G. Dakyns translation)
Diodorus Siculus’ Library of History (C.F. Oldfather translation
Xenophon’s Symposium (William Heinemann translation)
Plutarch’s Moralia (F.C. Babbitt translation)

Our modern sources include:

James Romm: The Sacred Band: Three Hundred Theban Lovers Fighting to Save Greek Freedom
Military History Fandom Wiki: The Sacred Band of Thebes
Greek Boston: How did the Greek City States Begin? The Birth of the City-State
History Daily: The Sacred Band of Thebes: an Army of 300 Gay Lovers
University of California Press: The Dema Wall, Form and Function
Patrick J. Kiger: “How Ancient Sparta’s Harsh Military System Trained Boys Into Fierce Warriors.”
Timothy Donald Dorian: “Demographic Fluctuation and Institutional Response in Sparta.” UC Berkeley.
The Greek Reporter: “The Decline of Sparta as Seen Through its Food”

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