Vampires II: The Show Notes

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Here’s the previous episode we ran on vampires. And check out Tiny Vampires with Raven Forrest Fruscalzo! Here’s her Halloween episode on what it’s like to be devoured from the inside by a jewel wasp.

Here’s where to find the Against Malaria Foundation. And here’s more on the work they do:

Here’s a video of a mosquito feeding:

Here’s some more of that, because it’s Halloween and we’re not done:

Here’s a trailer for Mr. Vampire, a Chinese film from the 1980s featuring the Jiangshi (hopping vampire)! Check out the outstretched arms, the paper spell attached to the forehead, and, of course, the hopping.

And here’s a video featuring a young woman with vitiligo:

Here are some handy links about the Adze:
Mental Floss

And some about the Obayifo:
Occult World
Vampire Underworld

And some resources about the Jiangshi:

Ancient Origins
History Answers

Here’s an article about Tuberculosis strains endemic to China.

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