Abortion Rights Takeover: the Show Notes

This is our show notes page for all the episodes in our Abortion Rights Takeover series.

In those episodes, we talked about methods for performing an abortion in the ancient world–but there are much better ways to do this in the modern one. We decided to make this page to serve as a resource for anyone who is pregnant, doesn’t want to be, and is having trouble accessing abortion.

Check out these trusted resources that will mail you pills:

Aid Access
Plan C
Women on Web
Women Help Women

Need to have an abortion in person? This website will help connect you with an abortion fund in your area that can help you with transportation, costs and logistics:

National Network of Abortion Funds

Concerned about digital surveillance and legal repercussions? Here are some resources:

Repro Legal Helpline (They also help with judicial bypasses for underage people in states where parental notification is required)
Repro Legal Defense Fund
Tips for Avoiding Digital Surveillance

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