Gender Rebels of Ancient Greece and Rome: Queer Women (The Show Notes)

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Our ancient sources include:

Plato’s Symposium (Benjamin Jowett translation)
Ovid’s Metamorphosis (A.S. Kline translation)
The Republic of Plato (Francis McDonald Cornford translation)
Aristotle’s Politics (Benjamin Jowett translation)

Our modern sources include:

Marilyn B. Skinner: Sexuality in Greek and Roman Culture
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy: Marriage and Domestic Partnership
Encyclopedia Brittanica: Sappho
Sappho’s Thiasos and the History of Women’s-Only Communities
Cody Goetting: A Comparison of Ancient Roman and Greek Norms Regarding Sexuality and Gender
Tess M. Waxman: Sappho’s Queer Female History
Christine Downing: Lesbian Mythology

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