Transgender Aphrodite: the Show Notes

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Our sources for this episode include:

The Queer Classicist: Imagining Trans Aphrodite

Venus and Aphrodite: A Biography of Desire: Bettany Hughes

Herodotus’ Histories, A.D. Godley translation

World History Encyclopedia: Enheduanna Innana-Ishtar

Sad Songs and Buttsex: the Gala Priests of Ancient Sumer: R. S. Benedict

Trans and Non-binary Identities from Mesopotamia to Ancient Rome: Inanna, Cybele, and the Gallai: Jessica Cale

Proverbs: Collection 2+6

Evidence for Trans Lives in Sumer: Cheryl Morgan Hermaphroditos

Ancient Mesopotamian Transgender and Non-Binary Identities: Morg Daniels

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