BONUS EPISODE: Liv Wrote a Book!+ Drunk Mythology

Our dear friend Liv wrote a book, Greek Mythology: the Gods, Goddesses, and Heroes Handbook, and it’s already a bestseller! We just had to celebrate by dropping an extra bonus episode where we interview Liv about her book like super serious professionals.

At least, that’s how this episode starts.

For the past year, we’ve teamed up with Liv to bring a series of drunken myth retellings to both of our Patreon channels. We decided to bring a tipsy myth to our main feed in the second half of this episode. So settle in, pop open a beverage of choice, and get ready for a drunken retelling of Arachne.

Continue the fun by signing up to our Patreon or Liv’s Patreon! And get the show notes here.

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