The Morrigan: The Show Notes

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Here is a picture of a cow with BOOTS, courtesy of AHFG fan and patron Ratheon Hudson:

Here is a Celtic coin of the Boii tribe from the 2nd or 1st century BC, depicting a crow eating a dead Celtic warrior. Relevant.

Did you know that crows sometimes have sex with their dead? Of course we have to post the video:

Hard core.

Anyway. Here are the ancient sources for this episode:

Livy’s History of Rome (Rev. Canon Roberts translation)
Diodorus Siculus’ Library of History (C.H. Oldfather translation)
The Fitness of Names
First Battle of Mag Tured
Second Battle of Mag Tured
The Hostel of Da Choca (Whitley Stokes translation)
The Destruction of Da Dergda’s Hostel (Whitley Stokes translation)

And here are the modern sources:

Bard Mythologies: The Death of Cuchulainn
Courtney Weber: The Morrigan: Celtic Goddess of Magick and Might.
Morgan Daimler: The Morrigan: Meeting the Great Queens
Angelique Epstein: War Goddess: the Morrigan and her Germano-Celtic Counterparts
Jacqueline Borsie: The Terror of the Night and the Morrigan: Shifting Faces of the Supernatural.

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