Come see Ancient History Fangirl at Intelligent Speech 2020!

We got to sit down the other day with Roifield Brown of podcasts including 10 American Presidents, DumteeDum, and How Jamaica Conquered the World to talk about Ancient History Fangirl and our presentation for Intelligent Speech 2020. Check it out!

Last year Jenny had a blast presenting at Intelligent Speech 2019, and this year we’re thrilled that we both get to participate! That’s because Intelligent Speech 2020 is entirely online this year. The theme this year is Hidden Voices, and we’re going to be presenting on everyone’s favorite subversive god who fought the patriarchy: Dionysus.

Intelligent Speech 2020 is an online conference that will bring together some of the best educational podcasters out there. This year it will take place online from 10 AM to 6PM EST on June 27, and at any one point there will be up to 4 different conference streams to choose from.

There will also be a series of roundtable debates between podcasters, and listeners will be able to ask questions to the presenters on their various topics. We’ll be in the Ancient History roundtable. Check out the complete program of events here.

There’s still time to get tickets at the lower price of $10 if you hurry! On Friday the 19th, the price goes up to $15. You can buy your tickets here. We hope to see you there!

And check out Intelligent Speech on all its platforms:


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